At Devoted Media, I can offer a variety of retouching services. This includes (not limited too)

  • Colour Corrections and Grading
  • Composites and replacing backgrounds/skys
  • Removing or adding elements
  • Cutting out subjects

Want to see some examples? Check out some of my previous Retouching work HERE

Basic Adjustments – £5 Per Photo

  • Fix colours
  • Remove small imperfections
  • Subject Cut out (Onto white or black background)
  • Basic grading (highlights, shadows, exposure, contrast, whites, blacks and temperature)
  • Adding text

(10 max, then additional £2 per photo)

The Standard – £10 Per Photo

  • All basic level adjustments +
  • Additional grading (Tone curve, hue, saturation, luminance, clarity)
  • Colour Matching
  • Fake lens blur, HDR, various effects upon request
  • Full background cleaning
  • Removal of unwanted objects (adding in objects – £2 per photo)

(10 max, then additional £3 per photo)

High End – £25 Per Photo

  • All basic and standard adjustments +
  • Composites onto new backgrounds
  • Adding items into scene
  • Full Grading
  • Merging multiple shots
  • Dodge and Burning
  • Much more upon request

(10 max, then additional £4 per photo, additional composite license costs may occur)

Not sure? Email with your brief and get a unique quote!